MAPSS Overview - WisDOT MAPSS Performance Improvement Program

Wisconsin Department of Transportation - MAPSS Performance Improvement Program

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) MAPSS Performance Improvement Program is an ongoing project focused on setting performance measures, gathering relevant data, and communicating the Department’s progress throughout these areas to the public. The MAPSS Program is designed to guide WisDOT in achieving its mission: "to provide leadership in the development and operation of a safe and efficient transportation system." To accomplish this, the MAPSS Program publishes a quarterly report explaining each performance measure’s most recent data along with the Department’s detailed improvement efforts. 


Strategic Goals and Performance Measures  

The MAPSS program utilizes Department-wide performance measures as powerful tools to inform both the general public as well as policymakers about WisDOT’s overall progress. The MAPSS Program consists of thirty individual performance measures centered around five Core Goals. Each performance measure is updated on a quarterly, semiannual, annual, or biennial basis, depending on the availability of data and their pertinent program cycles. 


MAPSS is an acronym which stands for the program's five Core Goals:


Scorecard and Interactive Webpages 

The MAPSS Scorecard is a two-page snapshot of the state of Wisconsin’s transportation system for the current quarter. Each performance measure also has its own interactive webpage which provides a way for the public to examine the data in greater detail. Select a Core Goal at the top of the page to explore its performance measures, then select a performance measure to view that measure’s data.